Teachers’ Favorite Things - The Perfect Way to Say Thank You


Are you looking for ways to give a quick “Thank You” or a treat to a teacher?  

WGHS Student Council compiled a “Favorite Things List”

for the WGHS teachers. Check out the list.


WGHS Teacher's Favorite Things (Responses)



Can You Help Us Stock the Staff Lounge for Our Teachers & Staff! 
Here is a link to the Amazon - Wishlist
If you'd rather purchase items & deliver them yourself, you can drop them by the front office (during school hours) or at 237 Spencer labeled "Staff Lounge Donation."
Coffee is the most requested item.

❄️THANK YOU, parents and community members! ❄️ With your donations during the holiday gift fund drive & contributions you’ve made to the Parents’ Club throughout the year, we were able to purchase $30 in Webster Bucks for EVERY staff member (all 180 of them!). The staff members were excited & appreciative to receive them. Thank you for your generosity!